We're BACK!

more to come soon.

Atlanta Airport
ATL airport
Newport Beach

The Breaker's Mansion in Rhode Island... one of MANY mansions in the beautiful region. I felt like I was homeless compared to these monsters.

2nd Stop: Boston MA

3rd Stop: Crittenden, KY

More of KY tomorrow!


See you Later!!!!


We are off! We are leaving for Rhode Island to go see Papa graduate from NSI. After that, we are taking it easy- on a Road Trip. I will be away from my computer and email for about 3 weeks. I will be back to post pictures of course!

We are making pit stops in Boston, maybe NYC, maybe Washington DC and Kentucky for sure (That's where the fam is). See you all later!


Happy July 4th. on July 5th

I took Pepe to go see the fireworks at Orange Beach AL (The Wharf) They have thee best fireworks display around. Especially if you go into the amphitheater... they are IN YOUR FACE. I am a huge fan.

no he wasn't pointing at the fireworks, I think he wanted a balloon.

Hunny I think he missed you b/c this was his face the whole night. Even after the fireworks started.

see you very soon :) We love you.


Underwater Art

Ok sooo I bought myself a new underwater toy! Had the chance to finally test it out for the first time :) Thanks to Ryan for providing the models and also to the models for making this a reality!

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