We're Home!

We finally got out yesterday evening! Pepe is back to himself, well almost. He still has to take the yucky meds and he's sporting a nice dressing on his neck that I have to change daily. Thank you all for keeping him in your prayers.


Pepe Update

Hey all thanks so much for all your sweet comments and keeping him in your prayers. It's been SO hard. Him and I came to Sacred Heart Tuesday at around 11 30pm and we're still here. His surgery was yesterday.

Turns out he had a really bad abcess from MRSA- I am guessing it involved a lymph?
He's had abcesses before but never have they been this bad or as rapid growing. :(

They have sedated him twice- once for his CAT scan and another to do a "needle stick" puncture... that didn't work b/c none of the drainage came out- he had fevers non-stop of 103+....
FINALLY the Doc did surgery- he went under general anesthesia, had a breathing tube placed and had the lump opened. His neck is still a little swollen but ever since then he has felt and LOOKS a looooot better. He does have some stitches and a drainage tube coming out of his neck. We still have some occasional bad fevers- scary. Plus pain, he hates it here, I hate to see him like this, I wish we could go home.

The doc said he will be here for at least 2 more days IF he can go through 24 hrs without fever. SOO.. crossing my fingers.

Thank God Joe came here from Jax on Wed night. I couldn't it by myself anymore.

He will have to leave Sunday, dunno what time.

anyway gotta go.

thank you.


pepe is sick

gotta go! going to surgery keep him in your prayers please




got my new business cards in today, decided to keep it simple (no picture on it) let me know what you think!

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