August 26th

Happy 2nd Birthday Pepe. I love you.

Pepe Turns 2

He will always be my baby.


Goodbye Pensacola

Goodbye Pensacola

I just want to thank anyone who reads these blog posts, anyone who has ever booked a session with me, or anyone who enjoys my work. Thank you.

Tomorrow we are off to Jacksonville FL! I'll be sure to post some photos once we get settled. And just a note to anyone placing an order, I may not get to it for a couple of weeks! I won't have my computer with me.

Remember, just because I move doesn't mean I can't come back and take your picture... keep that in mind! There's plenty more Pensacola weddings this year, so I'll be on the road about every other weekend.

Peace out Pcola!


The Day After...

the wedding! Ok- you brides out there, this is why it's better to wait to do your bridals AFTER your wedding. #1- you don't have to worry about getting your dress dirty
#2 your new HUBBY can come along
#3 everyone can see your photos right away
#4 you can even turn it into a "trash the dress" session. So really it's about 3 sessions in one.

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