Happy 3rd Birthday, my baby boy.

he's so funny. He was sporting his cute cake hat (with 3 candles) from Ikea that his "Abija" got him. Check out last year's comp HERE *sigh* he's growing up! :(

He turned 3


Jude: 2 Weeks Old

Looks like I'm going to have another blue-eyed boy... Who knew my genes would be recessive to the "Dearing" genes, ay?



My New Arrival

Sorry for not posting these sooner, Jude was born August 6th at 8:31AM, weight: 8.4 lbs, length: 21 in.

He is healthy and is a very good baby. I haven't been losing too much sleep... Pepe is adjusting very well, he's really happy and kisses "his baby".

I am still recovering from surgery but I will be posting more photos soon :)



I'll be back...

Just thought I'd leave you with something interesting while I'm away on maternity leave, I'm sure I will be back in a couple of weeks to post Jude's debut!

Enjoy the photos, special thanks goes to the models:
Lauren (who made that AWESOME dress cage)
Tara of Trigger Happy Photo *super edgy photog*

also, we had another photographer there, Lauren Gherardi, who is an amazing young talent here in Jacksonville, be sure to check out her myspace.

I absolutely had a blast and would love to get together with all of these women to make something else happen. :)

Featured in Rock N Roll Bride




thanks Tara for the "behind the scenes" check out my big belly.

me 38wks

countdown to Jude: 4 DAYS! I am having a scheduled C-section on the 6th, wish us luck!
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