I'll be back...

Just thought I'd leave you with something interesting while I'm away on maternity leave, I'm sure I will be back in a couple of weeks to post Jude's debut!

Enjoy the photos, special thanks goes to the models:
Lauren (who made that AWESOME dress cage)
Tara of Trigger Happy Photo *super edgy photog*

also, we had another photographer there, Lauren Gherardi, who is an amazing young talent here in Jacksonville, be sure to check out her myspace.

I absolutely had a blast and would love to get together with all of these women to make something else happen. :)

Featured in Rock N Roll Bride




thanks Tara for the "behind the scenes" check out my big belly.

me 38wks

countdown to Jude: 4 DAYS! I am having a scheduled C-section on the 6th, wish us luck!


Dara said...

Fabulous set. LOVE that last picture. Good luck!!

writing4612 said...

Can't wait to meet little Jude!

Michele B said...

Congrats!!! And good luck with the c-section :) This in an AMAZING shoot! You rocked it girl!

Alley Kat Photography said...

I can't wait to see your baby, I love the name Jude, it is one my fave songs......I see you are kickin butt over in Jacksonville....I knew you would...

Lauren said...

turned out great michelle. I look forward to shooting again once you are back. cant pick a fav...haha. :)

J Hofstetter Photography said...

Awesome photos...the color is amazing. Best of luck to you and your family with the arrival of your new son. :)

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