Pepe's photographs

So I bought him a $5, 0.3 MP digital polaroid (used) and he's been having a blast! Certainly beats having to develop his film camera haha (but I've got a roll coming soon).



Joseph Yarrow, Bristol Wedding Photographer said...

Sorry, I had no I dea who pepe was, but now after some archive searching I found just what a cutie he is!
Cool shots Pepe!
Awesome =)

Tara said...

Too cool!

writing4612 said...

It's neat to see the world through a kid's eyes. Great job Pepe!

Heather Canada, ABC said...

Those totally look like something that would cost $50 at Urban Outfitters! You should set up an Etsy (www.etsy.com) store for Pepe's work!

Ben said...

these are genuinly really cool in all seriousness id really like a copy of the one of the vespa, can this be aranged? my email mail@shutterhappy.co.uk

Well done Pepe

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