Chris & Siobhan ~ London Wedding Photographer


I feel so honored to have been part of this gorgeous wedding. Chris is also a photographer, and for him to have chosen me to capture his most precious memories was a little intimidating. But then I found out Siobhan loves Disney cartoons and knows The Anchorman's lines word for word- I knew that they would let me do my thing. Not to mention I felt like a kid in a candy shop because Chris was generous enough to give me access to practically ALL of his equipment... the 16-35mm is an amazing lens.

The ceremony and reception were held at the Lansdowne Club which is very elegant and rich with history... set right in London. The ceremony was followed by a "tea party", super cute... Siobhan managed to find all of the teacups and saucers, which were all unique... placed on vintage lace tablecloths her grandmother had made. Everything was very personal to the families. By the way, I HAVE to mention that Siobhan is related to George Washington! no joke! haha. I thought that was pretty awesome.
There was also a masked ball, everyone was encouraged to bring a mask. If you forgot it, no problem because Cat (UK's #1 Body Painting Artist) happened to attend and was painting up some mad art. The guests came in from all over, from South Africa to even France... and everyone looked amazing, the ladies wore gowns and fascinators in their hair and the guys had custom made suits. Seriously, not your typical wedding. Goes to show that you can customize your wedding to HOWEVER you want. You want to have a masked ball? Do it!

The couple had originally planned on not having a cake.... sooooo... Siobhan arranged for a different type of "cake". It was actually a huge tower of "Jellies" or as we know them, Jello SHOTS! They were really pretty, but I don't think I've ever seen it done before. It was beautiful... and not to mention, strong. Made by Bompass and Parr.

Siobhan had the genius idea of using air plants as her bouquet. Low maintenance is what sounds great to me!
Plants: Paul Thomas Flowers in Mayfair

Live Rockabilly Music by Craig Shaw and the Bop Shack Stompers, who were absolutely unbelievable and were really making everyone dance.

Thank you Chris and Siobhan, I hope we meet up again someday!

Day After shoot still to come!


Anonymous said...

beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful! Totally captured the feel of the wedding :)

MelodyA. said...

So intriguing! I was gonna ask about all of that. Is it just in the pictures or does the groom resemble Mr. Big?

Cat said...

FAB shots! lovely to meet you! Cat x

Kim said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful!

Maria Hibbs said...

A beautiful couple and stunning pictures!!

N. Vida said...

Fabulous!! What a great honor to be called upon by your industry peers... Truly a recognition of your talent!

LAr said...

COOL COOL COOL x's 10! So Amazing, I bet you had a blast:)

Ozzy Garcia said...

Beautiful images, Love those mask!!!!!!

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